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A good time for business exit or succesion - high company multiples and before any scary tax changes?!

Upcoming event in Stevenage for those planning business exit or succession -

We're once again running our Business Exit Strategies seminar this time in Stevenage, Hertfordshire on 23 November 2017.

This is aimed at business owners who are beginning a planning cycle towards exit or succession or indeed those who plan an exit or sucession event in the short term.  It's an interactive and engaging morning that will send attendees back to base with useful insights. 

We've all been to seminars that are just overt sales pitches, or frankly boring.  So we set out to make sure our events are neither.   Our primary objective is to inform, and leave our guests feeling it's been a morning well spent.  Just ask any previous attendees.

We cover a range of topics including

  • Developing a workable ownership strategy
  • Succession buyouts and MBOs
  • Valuing a business for sale
  • Tax efficient exit planning
  • How to sell your business
  • Negotiating the deal

And the key benefits of coming along are

  • A practical overview of how to plan and implement your strategy for exit or succession
  • A clear understanding of the selling process
  • Understand how succession buyouts are an alternative to selling
  • Tax planning ideas for exit and succession
  • 60-page book exclusive to guests

If you would like to come visit our website Business Exit Strategies Stevenage Nov2017

Venue is the Novotel - so very easy to get to just off the motorway.


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