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Pirates go swimming in Penzance?

Caos flyerI'm on stage in Pirates of Penzance this November (21 - 26th) at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge.   This years production is set at the famous Art Deco Penzance Lido - so you can tell there's also some time travelling involved, as it was not around when the original story was set.   The Pirates are a sort of Bullingdon club on tour, the daughters are land girls, and the major general is, frankly,bonkers.

Coincidentally I'm playing the same role as last time.     In 2004 I did this with a vaguely West Country accent, this year I have been asked to assume a Scottish accent - I hope I can pull this off successfully!

Production team includes Tommy Thomas once again as MD, and new to CaOS director Sinead O'Neill.     She has worked with Glyndebourne, and is a prime  mover in the new Cambridge City Opera, Cambridge’s first fully-professional opera company, of which
she is Founder and Artistic Director.

This years Pirates of Penzance  promises to be a lively and amusing take on the show.   For those of you who didn't appreciate last years modernised, humour "lite" Mikado this years Pirates should be a refreshing return to G&S presented as the musical/comedy it should be.


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