Preparing your company for sale in tough times
How can I sell my business for maximum value?

What type of company will appeal to buyers during a recession?

They say the cream rises to the top. 

And especially in a recession buyers tend to look to quality.  Some questions to ask.

  • Can the business be scaled beyond any real or perceived dependence on the owner?
  • Does the business have its own proprietory products or services?
  • Is there a strong management team which will stay on after a sale?
  • Does the company have a defensible niche in the market?
  • What about the customer base, how long have they been trading with the company - is there a good story on customer retention?
  • Is the businses model underpinned by recurring revenue streams?
  • Does the busines have growth opportunities?
  • Are operating margins strong, and are they holding up?
  • What risks does the businss face and are they manageable?
  • Are the accounts in good shape, and does the businesas have good systems?



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