What type of company will appeal to buyers during a recession?
Graphic - Cash for M&A growth in company cash balances

How can I sell my business for maximum value?

Exit For most busines owners once they've begun to think about exit strategy "how do I get the best price" is often top of the list of questions.   We're addressing that at a series of three seminars this autumn entitled Business Exit Strategies.    They're being held on 3rd, 10th, and 24th November in Hemel HempsteadNorthampton and Brentwood.   These are half day free seminars designed to demystify the topic and to offer genuinely practical insight and ideas for business owners.  For full details and the ability to book easily and confidentially visit our website.

For those owners who want a decent price but also the ability to acheive a sale to their management team to reward the people,  and to secure continuity we have a special session in the seminar on this topic.  Its an area we specialise in and we'll be sharing some pracitcal advice and some real case studies.


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