The Irish bailout - how it works

What are business owners thinking?

Peter's Elworthy & Moore has just conducted a survey of owner managed businesses in its client base to guage what's worrying businsess owners at the moment.

OMB survey graphic Top three, and no surprises here, are the impact of the government spending cuts, current market condistions, and securing funding.    From a corporate finance standpoint our experience is that financing is available for transactions.  But there's less of it about, and the banks are being very careful and thorough in their due diligence processes.  Quite right.  Also for deals that are well structured, with good companies, there is still strong appetite to lend.  Not all bad news.

Other concerns are perennials - competition, tax, red tape, margin pressure, staff shortages, confidence along with less obvious ones such as slower decision making, and IT development issues.

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