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Hall of shame......

...lots of loose talk about Scotland being the new Iceland, and the crisis having a distinctly tartan look to it.  Well lets look at the record.  Scotland : Bank of Scotland (50% - given Halifax is clearly not a Scottish institution), Royal Bank of Scotland (which includes Nat West so lets call that 50% too), and Dumfermline Building Society.  Total 2.  Rest of UK : Lets call Halifax and NatWest one taken together, plus Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley, Alliance & Leicester, Derbyshire Building Society, Cheshire Building Society, Scarborough Building Society, and Barnsley Building Society.  Total 8.  So it looks like 8 plays 2 or four times as many wounded financial institutions south of the border.  OK I admit that this doesn't take account of the size of these banks and building societies, but I image it would tell a similar story, and it shows we're all equally culpable here.    PS Don't mention the Scottish educated PM and Chancellor presiding over a decade of light touch regulation.