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Another post about singing.     I'm off to Penzance once again to play Frederick in Pirates of Penzance with SIMADS- in St Ives (Cambridgeshire not Cornwall).    Curtain up 1 April and the run continues until 4 April, at the Burgess Hall in St Ives.    Another events page with more details here.

Sharon_Lake_Cath_mont Our Friday night show will be exactly 129 years to the day since the show opened at the Opera Comiquein London in 1880, although it did famously open first in New York on 31 December the year before with one performance only in Paignton on the 30th December to secure the copyright.     All this to deter piracy in America.

The first time I did Pirates was in late February - in a leap year!  Needless to say there was some surprise extra business that Frederick was subjected to on the 29th.   Hopefully that won't happen this year despite the fact the we open on April fools day!

PS for those of you not sad enough to know the alternative titles of the G&S shows, The Slave of Duty is the alternate title for Pirates, and refers to Frederick, who proclaims himself to be the slave of duty in the opening scene.


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