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Despite all the gloom in the media about the credit crunch and the banking crisis we continue to meet people who are looking to do deals.  Of course there is more caution, and funding will undoubtedly be harder but there will be opportunities. Invite

Distressed corporates may seek to sell non core activities to raise cash - we are working an acquisition already where this has been the trigger.   I'd expect there to be management buyout opportunities too.  Anyone out there working for a business with an Icelandic parent company? 

Even if you're not planning a transaction in the short term, such pressures mean that is all the more important to plan now for an eventual exit - or cash realisation.  

To this end we are running a series events on the topic “Business Exit Strategies”.  They are practically focused with interactive sessions and aimed squarely at business owners. 

We hope that attendees will come away with a realistic view of what needs to be done to evolve and implement a strategy for growth, exit, or succession.   The events run in November in Brentwood, St Albans and Milton Keynes.   For further details visit


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