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Doing deals in the crunch - or not

Times are hard.................

............if the British Venture Capital Association ('BVCA')  has had to start charging £150 for access to its list of members. 

This had been available free, in a useful on-line search-able format which helped advisers such as us to target appropriate private equity or venture capital funders for propositions.    Most corporate finance advisers will cough up.   Yet the BVCA targets this information at entrepreneurs - that's the tab in its website navigation that leads to the information.    How many entrepreneurs, or management buyout team members will want to shell out as private individuals?   I shouldn't think they will and so instead they will go to folk they know, or have already heard of.    Less obvious venture capital firms will just not get the enquiry.   

Perhaps I am missing the point but it does seem odd for a trade association (with some recent bad press on private equity to overcome and more than £1M of cash in the bank per its last accounts) to expect its members customers; the entrepreneurs to pay to find them. 

I can't think of another trade association that protects its members from potential customers in this way.    Curiously unhelpful.


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