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Cambridge Enterprise Conference

I attended the 9th Cambridge Enterprise Conference yesterday, which we were sponsoring.   AaaaaCECtulipredcopy Lots of interesting content with, I thought, a rather more practical slant than in some previous years.    Some nuggets that I thought worth noting were:-

  1. Eddie Andersen of Pentech Ventures spoke about bootstrapping.   Having bootstrapped your start up company, you should continue to behave that way even after venture capital  funding.
  2. Once again I was impressed by how good speakers can hold the attention of the hall with few or no slides - a lesson for all the powerpoint junkies out there.   Special mention then to Martin Brennan who told the fascinating story of the JB7with no slides,  and Peter Finnie of Gill Jennings & Every who had only three slides to explain the value of Intellectual Property as a strategic asset. 
  3. Rebecca Harding proclaimed herself to be an optimistic economist.   Some cheer to be taken - amid the wreckage of banks collapsing all around us - from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor showing the uk level of entrepreneurship holding steady, in contrast to most other developed countries.
  4. Simon Galbraith of Redgate Software spoke on the contribution to success made by corporate culture.   While stressing the need to find "round pegs for round holes" he warned that the search for "fit" as part of the recruitment process was a call to prejudice - good point.     He reckons that people want great colleagues, the opportunity to do the work of their lives, a sense of belonging, wonderful management, and to be fairly paid.


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