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Management speak v Plain Speaking

I've been enjoying the Lucy Kellaway podcasts from the FT - and in one of them she bemoans not getting mentioned in the blogosphere - so here's a mention.   I particularly enjoyed her devastating critique of the Deloitte Blue Book,  a book of strategy recently issued to its employees which she describes as "drivel of a richly contemporary kind".   I mention this as I'm sure this kind of thing is familiar to anyone who, like me, has worked for one of the larger practices - and is in no way unique to Deloitte. 

One of the great boons of working in a smaller practice is the chance to be more plain speaking.  We did some market research recently on what our clients,  referrers,  and prospects thought of us - and this was one of the things they valued.   I'm sure "management speak" has its place - somewhere.  But business owners and directors want clear advice and feedback to help them achieve their goals and that's what we try to deliver.   


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