Planning for an exit

Business Exit Strategies Event

Pemcf_invite_1 We're holding an Event on 21 February on Business Exit Strategies - How to exit your business and maximise your investment.     This isn't just about selling you business, but also about evaluating strategy,  grooming for sale,  succession planning  and  management buyouts where the vendor initiates this as part of succession planning.  We will also cover issues such as valuation and tax.

We are holding the event at the brand new Audi showroom just south of Cambridge.  This is easy to get to,  very new and shiny,  and there will be the chance to look at the cars too!   Attendees get to enter a draw for the use of an Audi TT for the weekend and a strategic planning workshop with PEMCF.   

Full details of the programme and how to book on our website.



Thats`a pity - I exited a couple of years ago....

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