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From yesterday's newspaper some "new" words coined this year (extracts from Schott's Almanac 2007) - quite amusing - I've picked out some with some business relevance, and some with less business relevance! 

Pharm Animal - GM animal bred to make transgenic drugs for humans
Billanthrophy -spectacular form of philanthropy practised by Bill Gates
Rate Tart - one who moves saving or debts to get the best interest rates
Toff Roader - a posh off-road 4x4
Prole's Royce - stretched limo filled with drunken teenage girls

And some old - but still worthwhile definitions from the world of venture capital

Currently Revising the Budget - financial plan is in total chaos
Entrepreneurial CEO - totally uncontrollable, bordering on maniacal
Limited Downside - it can't get much worse
Possibility of a slight shortfall - revenue shortfall of 50%
Somewhat below the plan - revenue shortfall of 75%
Turnaround opportunity - lost cause
Unique - no more than six competitors

These have been around for a while - some more on this US venture capital house's site


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