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Bloggin_growth_1Its ages since I last posted.  I could plead holidays and the like, but to be honest its more to do with wishing only to post when I have something to say.  I read in the papers last week of the exponential growth of blogging;  however qualified with the thought that most blogs have only one reader – the author.  Well I don’t read mine – it’d only mess up the page view statistics – so at least I know there are some folk out there looking at it. 

Awards2006logo_1 I do have a couple of things that I think are worthy of mention, first that PEM is again a finalist in the Accountancy Age annual awards, this time for Best use of Internet.

Last year we were finalists in the Medium Sized Practice of the Year section.  This is despite, or more likely because, I have yet to finish writing the Corporate Finance website, despite nagging from our marketing department.    Competition looks pretty fierce in this category, but I do enjoy a good awards dinner.

The second is a plug for my next theatrical appearance.  Mflaudrey_1This time in My Fair Lady at the Cambridge Arts Theatre between 28 November and 2 December.  Those of you who recall the show, or the film, will recall that Eliza’s dustman father has two (sometimes drunken?) sidekicks, Harry and Jamie.  I am playing Jamie – so I get some routines with Doolittle.  I have 45 words of dialogue!  But am delaying learning these in case I peak too early.  More worrying is the need to acquire a cockney accent from somewhere.    It’s a great show with not a bad number in it, and it’s funny.  Get your tickets now.


PS The title of this post is one of Eliza's early utterances prior to her "improvement" by Henry Higgins


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