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I boasted in an earlier post of having completed three deals in three weeks - and no this is not a representative running rate!  Here are some more details on one of them.

Scott Timber Group acquired Crofton Pallets in Huntingdon, boosting its turnover from £57 million to over £75 million and increasing staff numbers from 600 to nearly 700.Croftondeal

Crofton has manufacturing sites at Huntingdon, Grimsby and Wisbech.  The sites ‘complete the map’ for Scott Timber which has built its manufacturing bases around its customers.  It will also be able to enhance its timber import operation in Riga, Latvia, which will be complemented by a similar operation conducted by Crofton out of Wisbech. This paves the way for the shipment of over 25,000 cubic metres of timber every month.

As one of the UK’s largest pallet manufacturers, Crofton is renowned for its new pallet supply and quality of service. Scott Timber will look to build on this with the support of the Crofton management team, which will remain in place.

More on our website.   The picture shows - from left to right - my colleague Tony Stairs,  Paul Davidson and Paul Watkins, Directors of Crofton, and myself.

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