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Pirates are in this summer - I'm looking forward 2006_pirates_of_the_carribean_wallpaper_to Pirates of the Carribean II, with Johnny Depp reprising the brilliant Captain Jack Sparrow.   

I'm about to do Pirates of Penzance with Swaffham Bulbeck Summer Theatre, this will bear no resemblance to Johnny Depp et al whatsoever!   I'm playing Frederick, and while I did wonder if any of Depp / Keith Richards could be brought into it, I'm afraid he needs to be more Tim Nice but Dim than Captain Jack.   As I mentioned in an earlier post this is the company's 25th anniversary production so expect some good effects.

This production brings Pirates up to the  1920s - for some Piratesreason - so if you've ever  wondered what Pirates wore in the 1920s get yourself along.  I can confirm that as traditionalists they were still using swords.  No wonder they couldn't make piracy pay in a world full of gun toting orphans! 

Its selling well but there are tickets left for most performances apart from Saturday night.


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