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Selling your business

As the owner of a successful business you may have thought of selling it at some stage.

I'm speaking on the subject at a breakfast meeting at the Maltings in Ely this week. 

I intend to cover how you go about making the decision to sell and the process? How can you groom the business for disposal? Timing is key - what factors should influence it? Business valuations are quite artificial - what will drive the real value of the business in a sale?

If you are to sell how can you identify potential buyers? Should the business be auctioned or is a succession buyout a viable alternative? How do you obtain competitive tension? How to safely entice a buyer and manage the provision of sensitive information to potential buyers. And of course tax planning - maximising the net proceeds.

Join us for breakfast, find out if your business has 'selling' potential and take the opportunity to make some valuable business contacts.

To book contact Jo Morgan of Morgan Event Management on 01638 565880


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