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Another plug for an upcoming theatrical production - this week in fact.  I am on stage with Swaffham Bulbeck Summer Theatre in Gilbert & Sullivan's Utopia Limited.  Quite appropriate for this blog as it features a chorus about the Joint Stock Companies Act of 1862, and various other numbers satirising Victorian commerce.  This includes a decidedly shady company promoter who gives the following advice for corporate failure

But the Liquidators say,
"Never mind - you needn't pay,"
So you start another Company tomorrow!

This production is in a theatre created in a 19th century grain barn on the edge of the fens - a memorable setting.  Oh and once again I get to wear a sword!   

Fitzbattleaxe The picture shows me as "Captain Fitzbattleaxe" at the dress rehersal, I'm the one with the seriously unrealistic moustache.   It was replaced for the opening night with something more convincing.


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