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Nexus Financing

Another PEMCF completion.  We helped Nexus Strategic Partnerships to raise debt facilities from The Royal Bank of Scotland to fund its development.

Nexus has an innovative approach to contract publishing, and event management .  It was founded when two Nexus directors won the contract to publish the Commonwealth Yearbook.   This is the Commonwealth Secretariat’s annual flagship publication.  They won the contract ahead of four other strong contenders and three other Commonwealth titles have since been awarded to Nexus.

Nexus was founded by CEO Smuts Beyers who has previously held Managing Director posts with Pearson and with Oxford University Press. His co founder and director is Simon Goodlad who was Director of Contract Publishing with TSO. Fred Perkins is a non-executive director and was CEO of TSO and participated in the MBI which privatised HMSO.

Nexus_lake_tony The photo shows me, Smuts Beyers and my colleague Tony Stairs.  We were pleased to help Nexus, the company has a great team, and its prestigious contracts with the Commonwealth are a great foundation to build the business on. We appreciated the support of Val Dring and the team at The Royal Bank of Scotland Royal Bank of Scotland who helped to deliver the package.  Full press release if you're interested is now on our website.


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