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Cambridge wireless tech business going places

I met Rend Shakir last week, CEO of Cambridge Matrix, an exciting new wireless mesh business for whom we have done some business modelling work.  This is an early stage business but in a really interesting space.  What is remarkable is that it is one of Red Herring's 200 Finalists for its Top 100 Private Companies in Europe.  (Look for it under Zedmatrix Limited). Red Herring uses both qualitative measurements and quantitative business metrics to assess a company's potential.  That said in addition to the team and the technology it must also be down to Rend's consumate abilities at networking that the company has made such an impact so early.  There's no point in good PR if you don't have any decent business opportunity, but if you do its clearly the right thing to spread the good news - it can do no harm when it comes to fund raising either.